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Who We are

American Custom Compounding Pharmacy is a retail community pharmacy located in Dallas Texas with the ability to customize medications to meet the individual needs of each specific physician or patient. Conventional pharmacies dispense medications that are produced by manufacturers with a “one size fits all” mentality and dosages. The requirements of every individual are different so the correct dosage is vital in maintaining a safe approach to a healthy regimen.

Our mission statement and core business approach is relatively simple. We want to create a quality customer experience with key focus on “Comfort, Confidence and Convenience”. A core value for American Custom Compounding is to create a very personal customer service experience with strong detail to individual customer interaction. We strive to offer the safest, highest quality products delivered by a knowledgeable pharmacy staff with over forty years of collective pharmacy experience.

Education and knowledge are key focal points. Technology and solutions are ever changing. As new products, solutions and techniques emerge, American Custom Compounding hopes to be the trusted pharmacy of choice for physicians. With growth and advances within the industry our goal is to establish a “partnership” type relationship with our customer base that will enable us to better assist in presenting and educating physicians and clinics how to better implement and integrate these new solutions and procedures into their daily practice.

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